Gianni Abbate, Neapolitan, professional actor since 1976, has been part of the Company Alfred Jarry, historical group of the Italian Theatrical Avant-garde, participating in their productions until 1982. He has worked not only in theater, but also in cinema, television and radio, with directors and actors such as: Gregoretti, the Giuffrè brothers, Francesco Maselli, Liliana Cavani, Luca de Filippo, Marcello Mastroianni, Pupella Maggio, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Roberto Benigni and others. Maria Malleier, instead, was born in Lana, Bolzano. In the 70s he attended the Institute of Art for ceramics in Bologna. Between 1980 and 1981 he traveled to the United States and Latin America. Back in Europe, from 1982 to 1985 is student of the Dore Jacobs School in Essen (Germany), where she graduated in “Bewegungspädagogin” (Movement Sciences). In the following years he participated in a theater and movement improvisation course with Rüdiger Fabry, teaching therapeutic and creative gymnastics in Spain, Italy and Germany. In 1986 Gianni and Maria founded the Teatro Null, opening in the same year a school of acting and body expression in Volterra, under the patronage of the Municipality and the support of the Province of Pisa, for about three years. Here Gianni begins to write his first plays, putting them on stage with the students of the school. In 1989 one of his texts, “Christmas Eve”, is reported by the I.D.I. is in 1990 he won the “Teatro di parola” festival organized by the Municipality of Genoa. Another text, “Il Presidente”, in ’99 comes second with a special mention to the festival “Drammaturgia in festival” of Naples. Maria continues to work both inside and outside the Null Theater with courses and seminars also for schools. In Volterra they discover their love for the countryside and in 1989 they bought the Porcino farm, making it the seat of the Teatro Null, thus building a real artistic workshop over time.

The Teatro Null is also a cultural workshop “I porti della Teverina”, which includes 6 Municipalities of Viterbo, funded by the Lazio Region until 2016.


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